For several years after graduating I worked as a freelance illustrator for a wide variety of clients including the usual array of book publishers, most national newspapers (including I shamefully confess The Mail on Sunday), and more niche trade magazines than I ever knew existed. Below you’ll find a mix of a tiny percentage of this commercial work (some pre-dating Photoshop and Illustrator) plus more recent randomly generated personal projects.

Flossie Flossington and Friends
In common with most middle class neo-parents I kid myself that my unique perspective on parenthood means I am just a multi-million pound publishing deal away from writing a bestselling children’s book which will enthral, inspire and excite generations of kiddiwinks to come. This is the unfinished first illustration of that very book.

…but the fox says “How do you do?”
An almost complete ‘animal sounds’ book soon to be in search of a publisher.

Alphabet book
Another almost complete book.

Rusty ghetto blaster
Given the opportunity (and remuneration) I could quite happily do this sort of thing all day, every day.

Big Issue
Big Issue sir? A small selection from a regular client.

The curious case of John Major’s ‘mistress’
A pre-computer photo-montage for the New Statesman.
Despite the use of inverted commas, the New Statesman was controversially sued by John Major and had to pay costs of £250,000. I remember watching footage on the news of rabid Tories angrily waving this illustration in Parliament. A proud moment. John Major has since proved himself to be a man of unquestionable integrity and fidelity who would never get involved in anything as sordid as an extramarital affair.

Blood, Sweat, Tears, TDisland & Fixing Laa Laa

Mira Showers
Illustrations for microsite

Various editorial
Including The Guardian, Sunday express, Attitude PC Pro and Off Licence News.

Caricatures – pre-computer photo montage/collage.
For a while I had a profitable sideline of illustration using a crude technique of ripping up photographs and rearranging the bits to form a caricature. This was then stuck down on card, re-photographed to form a final print which was then coloured using watercolour inks. Much of this early non-digital work has either been lost or boxed away in friends’ attics (which amounts to much the same thing). Below is some of the surviving work.

Various - technology
Medieval deck, boobs, Steampunk PC

Observer Magazine – pre-computer photo montage.
The ‘Choked’ illustration was originally commissioned for the inside, but was liked so much it was put it on the cover. This led to many more illustrations for the Observer Magazine, including a weekly item called ‘Spleen’ which ran for 2 years.